Eldridge North Scott Chamber of Commerce

On May 25, 2022, the Eldridge-North Scott Chamber of Commerce voted to adopt the US Chamber of Commerce recommended Bylaws.

Article I
General Section 1: Name This organization is incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa and shall be known as the Eldridge-North Scott Chamber of Commerce, Incorporated.

Section 2: Purposes (include details and specifics to reflect the purposes of the organization.)  The Eldridge-North Scott Chamber of Commerce is organized to achieve these objectives: (1)preserving the competitive enterprise system of business by creating a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of business people and a concern for their problems; educating the business community and representing it in city, county, state, and national legislative and political affairs; preventing or addressing controversies if they are detrimental to the expansion and growth of business in the community; creating a greater appreciation of the value of a more liberal investment of substance and self on behalf of the interests of competitive business. (2) Fostering business and community growth and development through economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of all businesses in the trade area; promoting programs of a civic, social, and cultural nature that are designed to
increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community; and discovering and correcting abuses that prevent the advancement of business expansion and community growth.

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