What Can I Do?


Become a Member

We believe the North Scott Buy Local campaign is critical to our community and local economy. Our goal is to make “locally owned” something that both residents and visitors consider when deciding where to shop, eat out, and obtain services. You can help make this campaign a success by becoming a member!

Display Campaign Materials Prominently in Your Business

The more people learn and the more they see and hear the North Scott Buy Local message, the greater the impact of this campaign and the more it will influence purchasing choices. Member businesses are provided with a window decal, a fact sheet, counter top information sheets for customers and permission to use the North Scott Buy Local logo in their own advertising.

Talk to Your Customers

Take the opportunity to talk to your customers about the importance of local businesses and the challenges they face. Encourage people to visit our web site for more information.

Educate Your Employees

Talk with your employees about the North Scott Buy Local campaign so they will be better equipped to answer customers’ questions and communicate the message.

Recruit Other Locally Owned Business

Please talk with other business owners about this campaign and encourage them to get involved. We depend on you to help us reach every locally owned, independent business in the North Scott area.

Source Goods and Services from Locally Owned Businesses

Examine your list of vendors and look for opportunities to shift your purchasing from non-local to local suppliers.

Spread the Word

Help spread the word by writing letters to newspapers and other local media, mentioning North Scott Buy Local in your newsletter and on your web site (and linking to this site), and encouraging community and non-profit groups you are involved with to include information about North Scott Buy Local in their newsletters and to join the campaign as well.

Give Local

Consider sponsoring and donating to local charities and non-profits, in addition to national and international non-profits you might already support. By donating locally, you and your community will receive many of the same economic and social benefits as when you buy local goods and services.


Shift More of Your Own Spending to Locally Owned Businesses

Examine your current purchasing patterns and look for opportunities to direct more of your spending to locally owned businesses. If you are unsure whether a business is locally owned, look for the North Scott Buy Local decal on their window or ask them.

Talk to Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors

Help us spread the word by talking to your friends, family, and neighbors about how essential locally owned businesses are to the health of our community and about the many challenges they are now facing. Encourage people to visit our web site to learn more.

Let Businesses Know that the Campaign Makes a Difference

Let local business owners and staff know that you support locally owned businesses. If a local business you visit is not part of North Scott’s Buy Local, please encourage them to join the campaign.